Facts about Us

Ethics and Morals;

As owner of All Kar Service Center my Mission is to bring to the customer the reality that there is a place that stresses thee importance of being honest and affordable. I firmly believe that service centers need to earn the respect of their customers.  Until you earn this trust and respect you will never become successful. Of course I want business to grow, but, not at the cost of the customers satisfaction. I rather get repeat business from customers and their friends then be know as a place that overcharges and does care about the customer. In our business there are several major chains that have been know for their policies to up charge customers. I-We promise that ” if it is not broken, we won’t fix it”. We make no repairs without prior permission and are willing to point out and explain to every customer why there is a need for further repairs. Now I must explain the hardest  part of this business; sometimes we need to bring attention to repairs that are not related to the original problem. If a safety issue is found, we are morally obligated to make sure you are aware of the situation. This is where we need your trust,  and need to believe that safety is our only concern.  Unlike the new world of business, simply put, “My word IS my Guarantee”. I believe very strongly that my name means everything.

Recently a customer came in for what would certainly have been a costly repair. We knew that the part could be considered under warranty. Even though the customer said it was not possible, he reluctantly called the dealer, only to find that the warranty was three (3) days away from running out. We saved the customer hundreds of dollars. Would I rather have got the job? Of course. Did I feel good that day? You better believe it. I now have a customer willing to come back because he trusts us. We earned that trust.  I feel that our prices are well within the average for the area service garages. Our parts are only both from local supply stores, we do not order online, this allows us to get warranties covered, usually within the same day. Online products can save a person money, but, there are times that there is a reason why these parts inexpensive. They could be someone else’s problem, it may be old stock, or even stolen. I rather know where my parts are from and personally deal with each representative.  We do install customer parts, however, we will not guarantee the parts. Our work will still be guaranteed, but, if a a part is defective a second labor charge will be charged. Parts and labor is guaranteed with all parts we supply and install. This brings us to another situation. if something is not right, bring it back to us, we will make it right. It is that simple.