Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is your Warranty on Repairs?
At All Kar we believe that you should not have to worry about added costs once we have repaired you vehicle. We guarantee our work for a minimum 90 days, in some cases the manufactors waranty lasts longer and we will apply that to the customer. Work is guarateed for a year against defects and workmanship. If you are not satisfied bring your car back so we can see what the problem is. We would like to have the “First Right of Repair”, which, simply means we would like to have you satisfied with our work before heading to another repair shop. There is no excuse to pay twice for the same repair. I have seen this happen. We had a customer unsatisfied, we would have been glad to fix the problem for free, he decided to takeit elsewhere where they found that the new part we installed was defective. He then paid to have the car fixed again and returned the part to us for credit. There are times that a part comes in and we have no idea it is defective until we install the part and the problem isn’t fixed or the problem is back in a few days. Remeber we deal only with local parts stores and therefore have the ability to replace parts immediately and the parts are warranteed. Getting back to the person that went elsewhere. He wound up loosing a few hundred dollars, what he didn’t understand is that the company that did the repairs should have told him that we were right and the part must be defective. They should have encouraged him to go back to where it was installed. That is called Ethics. We will help our customers however we can, even if we need to suggest going back first to the place the car was repaired.

Do you buy parts online?
NEVER. Our parts are purchased from only local vendors. By dealing locally we are able to get replacement parts at a moments notice. There are times that we need to buy parts from the dealer, in most cases, these parts are available the day we need them, but, on occasion the dealer may need to order the part. In those cases we are at the mercy of the dealer. Although we will install parts from the customer we need to known that these parts do not carry any guarantee. If a customers part needs to be replaced labor charges will have to be charged and the customer will need to work on getting the parts replaced on their own.